Info & Submission Guidelines

The Call Sheet

The Professional Journal of the GCA.
Editor: Allan Hurst.

While the GCA stages a professional caller school, it's only once a year.

The Call Sheet is our way of providing continuing education to both our members and the general square dance calling community throughout the year.

Callers from all over the world--both inside and outside of the GCA—contribute to this unique publication.

The resulting journal encourages professional development of all square dance callers, regardless of the audience they're calling to. The Call Sheet has covered not just calling to gay groups, but also articles on calling to homeschooled kids, Handicapable groups, and more. Many of our contributing authors serve on (or chair!) CALLERLAB committees.

A subscription to The Call Sheet is included in the price of GCA membership.

Interested in contributing?  You need not be a GCA member to submit an article!

Guidelines for Submissions

Your experiences – whether you're a new or veteran caller – are valuable to other callers.

The types articles for which we're always on the lookout include:

  • Resolution methods, tips and tricks.
  • Neat choreo ideas.
  • Favorite music for patter and singers.
  • First time calling a dance/class/club night.
  • Solutions to equipment problems.
  • Sources of new music.
  • First-hand experiences on first-time calling at an event (convention, fly-in, festival, etc.).
  • Favorite teaching methods and tips - both in general and for a specific call.
  • How to use (and not abuse) your voice.
  • Calling for specialized groups (Handicapable, Seniors, Grade Schoolers, etc.)
  • Tutorials on popular choreo programs.
  • How to digitize, edit, and clean up music.
  • Calling at festivals.
  • Reviews of new equipment, devices, programs, and gizmos that you find helpful.
  • Submissions are accepted electronically, in any of these formats:
  • Plain Text
  • LibreOffice or OpenOffice
  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe PDF

Do you have ideas or content, but don't have the time or skill to write an article? Email The Call Sheet's editor, Allan Hurst. He'll be happy to you turn your idea or outline into an article.