Harlan Kerr


Harlan is a caller with 36 years’ experience. He calls 9 times per week, spanning Basic through C3a, and calls C3B and C4 periodically.  He has taught over 60 Basic-Mainstream classes, and 88 classes for other CALLERLAB Programs. Harlan has  been an instructor in 7 Callers Schools, including 3 GCA schools.  He is currently pursuing his Caller Accreditation certificate through CALLERLAB.

Harlan is chair of the CALLERLAB Mainstream Committee, vice chair of the Challenge Committee, and serves on the Plus, Advanced, and Definitions committees.  In 2017 he was elected to the CALLERLAB Board of Governors and in 2018 was elected to the CALLERLAB Executive Committee. In 2017 Harlan received the Chairman’s Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contribution to CALLERLAB.

Harlan was the first chairperson of the IAGSDC and was a leader in planning the first IAGSDC convention.  He is also the founder of the Gay Callers Association.

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