2019 GCA Caller School
Basic Information

Sunday, June 30 - Tuesday, July 2, 2019
At the Sheraton Philadelphia downtown hotel

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Now you can spend three days with Caller Coach Barry Clasper and  Teaching Assistant Harlan Kerr in a concentrated effort to expand your knowledge of square dance calling.  Vocal coach Lisa Lincoln will join the staff on Monday, and, if the registration response is large enough, Betsy Gotta will join as a second Caller Coach.  Beginning callers will benefit from this intensive exposure to some of the best callers in the business today!

Immediately preceding the IAGSDC Convention in PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA.


  • How to move dancers
  • Working with music
  • Creating and delivering choreography
  • Sight calling basics
  • Work through your material at the mic or in one-on-one sessions
  • More advanced instruction in all aspects of the art of calling

Something For Everyone!

  • Sight calling techniques
  • Reading and writing choreography
  • Equipment usage
  • Microphone technique
  • Vocal instruction
  • Creating choreography
  • Programming dances
  • Showmanship
  • Caller culture and etiquette
  • Callers associations
  • Responsibilities to the dancers
  • Plenty of microphone time for all students

Your Tuition Fee Includes:

  • 3 days of instruction by our excellent coaches
  • Personal attention from our superb teaching assistants
  • CALLERLAB New Caller Kit (beginners)
  • Choreographic checkers (beginners)


Thanks to the generous support of

All Join Hands Foundation

All Join Hands Foundation

Your registration fee is only $75.

2019 Staff


Barry Clasper

Caller Coach, Toronto, ON

Barry's been calling since 1984, and currently calls Basic through C4. He's called at weekends and conventions in 8 provinces, DC, and 26 states, as well as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, England, the Czech Republic, Taipei, Beijing and New Zealand. He's also a staff caller with the Academy for Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts (AACE).

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Harlan Kerr

Teaching Assistant
San Francisco, CA

Harlan is a caller with 36 years’ experience. He calls Basic through C3a weekly, and calls C3B and C4 periodically.  He has taught over 60 Basic-Mainstream classes, and 88 classes for other CALLERLAB Programs. Harlan has  been an instructor in 7 Callers Schools, including 3 GCA schools.

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Betsy Gotta

Caller Coach, North Brunswick, NJ

The GCA may add another section to the school, depending on the number of students and their experience levels. We have a commitment from Betsy to be an additional Caller Coach at the 2019 GCA Caller School.

Betsy has been calling since 1961, teaching callers schools since 1973 and calls all programs from Basic thru C3. She has called and taught caller schools throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Betsy, a CALLERLAB accredited caller coach, has coached four previous GCA Caller Schools. 

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Lisa Lincoln

Vocal Coach, Santa Fe, NM

Lisa comes from a voice and musical theater background. She's been a vocal coach since 1999, and is currently on the faculty at Desert Academy in Santa Fe teaching music, musical theater, voice, choir, acting and public speaking. She also calls for two clubs in New Mexico and has recorded several singing calls.

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