Ross Howell

Caller Coach, Zephyrhills, FL

Ross started calling in 1970. He works mostly with the Advanced and Challenge programs.

Ross is best known for his smooth flowing yet interesting choreography. He calls several weeks a year in Europe. He travels the USA about 30 weekends per year. Ross has been on staff of NACC and is currently on staff of AACE, Heartland Jubilee, Texas Advanced and Challenge weekend and others.


Arlene Kaspik

Teaching Assistant, Carpentersville, IL

Arlene Kaspik has been calling since 2005 and currently teaches for several Chicago area clubs including Chi-Town Squares, Glenview Squares and Naper Squares. She also teaches at the Levy Center (Evanston) and Harper College (Palatine). In addition to her active teaching schedule she regularly calls for several clubs in Illinois and Michigan and was a featured caller with Ken Burke at the regional Sweetheart Dance in 2017. She has called at several IAGSDC and National conventions as well as state and regional conventions and festivals. Her dances include a variety of musical genres but Arlene admits she is partial to classic rock and roll, show tunes and standards. She recently helped organize and was a teaching assistant for the 2017 Chicago Callers School featuring Tom Miller.


Anne Uebelacker

Caller Coach, Auburn, WA

The GCA may add another section to the school, depending on the number of students and their experience levels. We have a commitment from Anne to be an additional Caller Coach at the 2018 GCA Caller School.

Anne has been a caller coach at 18 GCA caller schools, starting at the first school in 1989 in New York. She has mentored many GCA callers, helping them develop over the years.

Basic Information for the 2018 Caller School

July 1 - 3  (Sunday-Tuesday), Seattle, Washington

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Now you can spend three days with Caller Coach Ross Howell and  Teaching Assistant Arlene Kaspik in a concentrated effort to expand your knowledge of square dance calling.  If the registration response is large enough, Anne Uebelacker will join as a secondary Caller Coach.  Beginning callers will benefit from this intensive exposure to some of the best callers in the business today!

Immediately preceding the IAGSDC Convention in Seattle, Washington.


  • How to move dancers
  • Working with music
  • Creating and delivering choreography
  • Sight calling basics
  • Work through your material at the mic or in one-on-one sessions
  • More advanced instruction in all aspects of the art of calling

Something For Everyone!

  • Sight calling techniques
  • Reading and writing choreography
  • Equipment usage
  • Microphone technique
  • Vocal instruction
  • Creating choreography
  • Programming dances
  • Showmanship
  • Caller culture and etiquette
  • Callers associations
  • Responsibilities to the dancers
  • Plenty of microphone time for all students

Your Tuition Fee Includes:

  • 3 days of instruction by our excellent coaches
  • Personal attention from our superb teaching assistants
  • CALLERLAB New Caller Kit (beginners)
  • Choreographic checkers (beginners)


Thanks to the generous support of

All Join Hands Foundation

All Join Hands Foundation

Your registration fee is only $75.